silhouette of love

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this is for those who have asked if I can write love poems.. haha.. I hope I still can 🙂



Dawn is fast approaching as we are lying here

Nothing more natural as having you near

As i breathe the air that you are also breathing

And match the sound of your heart beating

I try to recall every memory about you and me

And make it into something like a sweet melody

Like how I miss you even when you’re with me

And how your voice can make me smiling silly

You really are the darling of my crazy heart

Life to me is good because you’re the best part

Our best conversations were those without words

Talking from my heart to yours need not words

In your eyes I see love that only we can share

A love in where my soul and heart I can bare

We have been through almost everything

I’m happy that it’s still your hands that I’m holding

It may seem there’s so many things we have

But it’s still just the silhouette of our love




oh well .5

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I begged her to stay

Begged her not to go

But still she went away

Happened a year ago

Now you’re to be wed

Starting a life with him

While you’re stuck in my head

Again invading my dream

I don’t want to sound bitter

But there’s nothing I can do

How can I be better

When my heart’s still with you

Still I pray for your happiness

And I wish you all the best

As I dwell in my loneliness

And there I will rest


Oh well

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Our friends told me you were getting married

And even though I didn’t want to admit it

It still broke my heart to a million pieces

It just hurts to think that you weren’t bothered

That it didn’t even affected you in any way

That it’s only me who suffered throughout

Only I struggled to hold back every tear

Who dealt with so many sleepless nights

Who craved for the night to hide me

It was only me who cried myself to sleep

Who must keep putting up a brave front

Who needs to pretend to smile each day

And in the end it seems that I’m the only one

Who will remember everything between us



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Slowly but surely I’m loosing grip

Juggling all the sanity I can keep

Hold me as tightly as you can

Maybe then your heart can understand

Just how badly I wanted to believe in you

That somehow some of it were true

All the lying, cheating were just games played

And at the end of it we will be saved

Unfortunately that’s not the case for us

I am now just a mere shadow of who I was

You played, I paid. You won and I lost

You took everything except your ghost



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Moving on is never ever easy

It’s like cleaning a room that is so messy

It’s tiring and it never seem to end

You’re in a place where yesterday and today blend

You have to throw out unpleasant memories

Find and restore some wanted peace

For how long, only God can tell

Until then, everyday will feel like hell

Smiles and laughter are paid with tears

Every moment will feel like years

Mornings will likely be spent in mourning

Happiness won’t last up until evening

Moving on will never be easy

So this poem will serve as my quick remedy



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They said that we should forgive and forget

And to learn from every mistake that we get

What I’ve learned is that I already forgave her

But it’s the forgetting part that is quite a bother

No matter what I do, no matter what I say

Her image seems to pop out all throughout the day

At times it gets too painful that I have to cry

And there are moments that I just wish to die

How long will I have to wait just to forget you

Because as of now I’m still not over you



Perfect guy?

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There is no such thing as a perfect guy so don’t look for one.
But there is such a thing as a perfect half. Although imperfect as a person, still when you are together, everything seems “perfect”.
Don’t blame us guys because we are not your “Mr. perfect”, you are looking for the wrong person.

Look for the person that you need not what you want because in a relationship, a right partner is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Look for a perfect match not a perfect guy.


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