Cut my Neck -session#2-

We are currently in the middle of our second session. But this time we have more members. And just like the old session, everyone brought their “ugly” side. But it’s rather surprising how people can connect through bad situations. It’s almost 3 years since I first met these guys, and I can tell for a fact that these guys are going to be my friends all throughout my life. Now back to our common “enemy”, it’s disappointing to see an educator trying so hard to get the credit for her students’ success. So greedy for attention that they try different stupid things like getting angry for no apparent reason, or trying to push their decisions to everyone. “Jhong”, how the f**k are you still an educator? How can you stomach calling yourself a teacher when almost all your students either hate or find you annoying? Educators are supposed to inspire students, motivate them and encourage them, let them think for themselves and guide them if they’re already on the wrong path. But instead of doing those things you use anger as motivation, you scare the s**t out of us, you do unnecessary things then get all the credit for our achievements. Educators are those who earn respect not only from their colleagues but also from their students. Good thing there are still those professors who reach out to their students. Just like right now, one of our “cult” member is our esteemed teacher. 🙂


Woohoo! so many thing happening, so many stories being told, smiles and laughs abound. Another epic session tonight. These are the moments that I can happily tell my future children and grandchildren! To the real teachers out there inspiring their students everyday in and outside the classroom, I salute you. May your tribe multiply. And for those f**kers who are destroying their pupils’ life, may you step on some Legoâ„¢ and just F**K you!!


I can hear them laughing outside, better hurry up and join them. Off to “Mt.Olympus” to join the other god, demi-god, and mortals. Ciao.


~ by lordouch on March 16, 2013.

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