Cut My Neck -session#1-

Just had my first session with a newly formed cult. A cult formed from people with an obsession with “cutting necks” and counsel of “gods”. A session filled with so many words of wisdom, quantum physics, random silliness, sentiments and laugh trips. A little alcohol plus minds full of undiscovered thoughts multiplied by emotions minus “Jhong” equals an awesome time. Goes to show that all of us have their own weird side. And nothing is wrong with that! So many things can happen when all that weirdness meet in one place. So many thing to learn, laugh about and think about. Truly no one is perfect, but everyone is unique in their own way.

And to you “jhong”, cut my neck you will never be a part of our council. F**k to the highest level! You are in no position to say those things and you don’t deserve to be in that position anyway. Karma will bite you in your ass, just you wait.. 😛


~ by lordouch on March 2, 2013.

One Response to “Cut My Neck -session#1-”

  1. Cut my neck! Now na! As in! hehehe. Enjoyed the first session. #BalatbatismForever

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