Slowly but surely I’m loosing grip

Juggling all the sanity I can keep

Hold me as tightly as you can

Maybe then your heart can understand

Just how badly I wanted to believe in you

That somehow some of it were true

All the lying, cheating were just games played

And at the end of it we will be saved

Unfortunately that’s not the case for us

I am now just a mere shadow of who I was

You played, I paid. You won and I lost

You took everything except your ghost



~ by lordouch on January 23, 2013.

12 Responses to “Untitled7”

  1. Moving and sad – but great poem.

  2. i know the feeling all to well it gets better.

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  4. I can relate.. this is lovely. ~ Jen

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  6. […] Whispers of Midnight – Untitled7 […]

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