Letting go


I’ll let go of you tonight

I’ll let go of what I’ve been holding tight

I’ll let go of our memories

I’ll let go of our first kiss

I’ll let go of your smile

Though it may take me awhile

I’ll even let go of how you smell

And that moment when I fell

I’ll let go of your pretty face

And how I loved it in different ways

I’ll let go of your contagious laugh

Which I just can’t get enough

I’ll let go of the tears you’ve shed

Even those sweet words you’ve said

I’ll let go of how your hands felt in mine

From times when you held me when i wasn’t fine

I’ll let go of our lazy walks

Our silly arguments and lame jokes

I’ll let go of our favorite movies

Watching in the sofa while eating cookies

I’ll let go of our theme song

Now hearing it feels so wrong

I’ll let go of the letters you wrote me

And all those gifts u gave me

I’ll let go of your promises

Memories of my happiness

I’ll let go of my pride

And the hopes of you becoming my bride

I’ll let go of everything about you tonight

I have to admit I’ve lost this fight

So tonight I’ll let go of it all

And into darkness of night i fall



~ by lordouch on August 3, 2012.

46 Responses to “Letting go”

  1. Full of emotions

  2. Oh I absolutely love this. xo very well written and very nice to read.x

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