Silver Keys

•September 26, 2017 • Leave a Comment


Black is not the opposite of white
It is when there is absence of light
Light can be found if you open your eyes
Try not to get lost with illusion of lies
Black can always look overwhelming
Just know that hope is always shining
A piano will always have black keys
You can always play it if you please
But remember who is the one playing
The song only reflects what one is feeling
If you only see the black then that’s okay
Take your time as you struggle and play
So keep looking for your silver keys
Remember that life can be a tease
Make more memories and more songs
Life is never about right or wrongs
As you play your piano just don’t forget
As long as you have music, life is not over yet


Depression is a serious thing. Just want to remind you that there are people who care. Please remember that all life is important, even yours.


Season Ender

•April 4, 2016 • Leave a Comment


“Let’s hide from the moon,

       knowing that the night would end soon.

  Burn these memories in our hearts,

        this is where our ending starts.

  Wishing that time would stop,

        hoping that these tears won’t drop.

  Though I know that you can’t stay,

       let me look at you as you walk away.”




My April’s Fool

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It’s that time of the year 
Where one can fool another 
So you better stay clear
Cupid’s a cruel prankster
So I’ll try to stay alert
And maybe try to act cool
Or I’ll end up getting hurt
Since I’ve always been a fool
Just like the last time
When you said you love me
What a trick of a lifetime
‘Cause the joke was on me




oh well.75

•April 29, 2013 • Leave a Comment


Let me hold you for a little while

We can even be very quiet

Just sitting in the middle aisle

Our moment is not done yet

This is our final time

The scene where we say goodbye

The love way past over its prime

 No use asking how, when and why

Still the tears keep on flowing

As you slowly let go of my hand

He’s the one you’re marrying

On the wedding we had planned


Cut my Neck -session#2-

•March 16, 2013 • Leave a Comment

We are currently in the middle of our second session. But this time we have more members. And just like the old session, everyone brought their “ugly” side. But it’s rather surprising how people can connect through bad situations. It’s almost 3 years since I first met these guys, and I can tell for a fact that these guys are going to be my friends all throughout my life. Now back to our common “enemy”, it’s disappointing to see an educator trying so hard to get the credit for her students’ success. So greedy for attention that they try different stupid things like getting angry for no apparent reason, or trying to push their decisions to everyone. “Jhong”, how the f**k are you still an educator? How can you stomach calling yourself a teacher when almost all your students either hate or find you annoying? Educators are supposed to inspire students, motivate them and encourage them, let them think for themselves and guide them if they’re already on the wrong path. But instead of doing those things you use anger as motivation, you scare the s**t out of us, you do unnecessary things then get all the credit for our achievements. Educators are those who earn respect not only from their colleagues but also from their students. Good thing there are still those professors who reach out to their students. Just like right now, one of our “cult” member is our esteemed teacher. 🙂


Woohoo! so many thing happening, so many stories being told, smiles and laughs abound. Another epic session tonight. These are the moments that I can happily tell my future children and grandchildren! To the real teachers out there inspiring their students everyday in and outside the classroom, I salute you. May your tribe multiply. And for those f**kers who are destroying their pupils’ life, may you step on some Lego™ and just F**K you!!


I can hear them laughing outside, better hurry up and join them. Off to “Mt.Olympus” to join the other god, demi-god, and mortals. Ciao.

Drinking Problem

•March 13, 2013 • 3 Comments



They asked me why I keep on drinking

I answered, “It helps in my thinking”

They told me drinking won’t solve anything

Solving? It’s the forgetting that I’m trying

Because I drunk her lies posed as passion

Got lost in her love which was only an illusion

So now I’m drinking this man-made alcohol

Just to numb the pain caused by my fall

And to go to a place where memories fade

Where songs of lament are often made

May this liquor drown all of this sorrow

And make this night last until tomorrow

Let it flow ’til I can no longer remember

Until my heart makes its final surrender

So here’s my toast for my upcoming years

May the tears eventually stop falling.. Cheers!


Cut My Neck -session#1-

•March 2, 2013 • 1 Comment

Just had my first session with a newly formed cult. A cult formed from people with an obsession with “cutting necks” and counsel of “gods”. A session filled with so many words of wisdom, quantum physics, random silliness, sentiments and laugh trips. A little alcohol plus minds full of undiscovered thoughts multiplied by emotions minus “Jhong” equals an awesome time. Goes to show that all of us have their own weird side. And nothing is wrong with that! So many things can happen when all that weirdness meet in one place. So many thing to learn, laugh about and think about. Truly no one is perfect, but everyone is unique in their own way.

And to you “jhong”, cut my neck you will never be a part of our council. F**k to the highest level! You are in no position to say those things and you don’t deserve to be in that position anyway. Karma will bite you in your ass, just you wait.. 😛

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